Three Rivers Bible Church - 220 N Erie Street - Three Rivers, MI 49093

Jeff Homan, Senior Pastor    -    Jordan Parks, Associate Pastor

    As women - more specifically, as moms - we do tend to need each other, don’t we? Why is it that we need each other so much? No one understands a mom like another mom does.

    What about the need for advice from other moms that we know personally? We can read all the parenting and “momming” books we want to, but the information seems so much more relevant and trustworthy when we know the person we are getting the information from. Moms understand moms.

    We need each other. And because we need each other, we continue to provide this ministry for moms to have a place to come together and learn, share, and encourage each other.


    2nd Tuesday of each month (Sept - May)

    9:30 - 11:30AM (doors open at 9:00)

    The first meeting of this new season is September 10.


    Please join us for a great time of getting to know other moms who are walking the same journey as you. There is a $25 membership fee. FREE childcare provided.

    This year's theme is "Better Together."

    Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, "Two are better than one..."